Jesus is Lord!

Happenings at Community Worship Center in March

Recording Artist ...            Dusty Aleman
Appears at least once a year at Community Worship Center.
A Great night of music, singing and testimony
Bring a friend and enjoy it twice as much.
Traveled many miles to sing and tell other about Jesus...
"The Singing Cowboy"

Dusty concert was so powerful this year, look for him again next year. 

Watch for revival soon at Community Worship Center! Many things happening. Overcomers service has also been a great success!

     Everyone enjoys the Music 

    and singing of “the Legend” at                         almost every service @ CWC

                           Darvin Byrd 

Revival days are here. Let's get in prayer and fasting now.

We will be having a day to feed the people in Millen.

11am till 12:30 pm @ Church. All food is free. Also a day of singing in the open air. We fed over 100 people at this event. To God be the glory.

Sons of Thunder will be joining us, as well as The Byrd Family

March 14, 2015

We love Millen!

CWC going around the world for Jesus and Souls! Networking to build the kingdom of God.